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These are the lesson files to show how to create Corten, Weathering Steel with 3DS Max and V-Ray, this is the lesson found here:


These are the files for the corten wall scene, these are not the scene files for the house.


I go over some advanced tips when creating materials and I'm showing when you add layers to materials it's usually to add in extra layers of grunge or detail to the render. I cover several ways to do this.

The tree in the scene which I use for shadows is not in these scene files, it is sepately downloadable here:

The HDRI is in the scene and was created for Flying Architecture by CGBalrog and is downloadable here:

Flying Architecture also has some other great free resources on their site.


Lesson Files - Leon 51 - How to create Rust, Corten, Weathering Steel

  • I've uploaded these files in 3DS Max 2018, 2015 and FBX. I use V-Ray 3.6

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