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I've used 3DS Max and Floor Generator and I've just used one wood texture to map across the floor. We have different shades on the wood floor from using 'Multi Texture' which you can get as a free plug in from


You will need this plug in for these scene files to work properly.

I'm using 3DS Max, Photoshop and V-Ray in this tutorial.


I've uploaded Max 2018 and Max 2015 scene files. The V-Ray version I'm using is 3.6.


This tutorial shows how to use Floor Generator using one wood texture and how to simply unwrap it across the floor so you don't have to load in a load of different maps, which is often the way it's done. I use this method all the time and it works beautifully.

The HDRI I used to light this scene is the Hotel Lookout one from SIBL.

I've changed the floor maps, they look similar, but have a slightly different texture. The reason is the ones I used in the tutorial are copyrighted to Arroway. They are fantastic, but I don't have the rights to sell them.

Lesson Files - How to use Floor Generator with one wood texture

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