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In this tutorial I cover how to create clean copper, brushed copper and go into several different ways to age copper, distress it, make it look antiqued and how to make it suit your project.


I realise it may not be the easiest thing to follow along, so I've created these files to help you do so.


I've uploaded the file in Max 2018 and Max 2015. I'm using V-Ray 3.6. 6

I downloaded the Rodin statue from this link:

They have a fantastic website where they allow you to download a number of 3D scanned statues.


I've changed the HDRI from the one I was using in the scene as the one I was using was copyrighted. The one I'm using now is from:


I used the one titled 'Road in Dordogne'.

Lesson Files - How to create photorealistic copper in 3DS Max and V-Ray

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